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Learning Objectives


Problem 1 of 3


Given the graph of y = g(x) below:


(a) Sketch the graph of y = -g(x) + 3


(b) Sketch the graph of y = g-1(x)


(c) Sketch the graph of





Problem 2 of 3


The graph of y = f(x) is shown at the left.

(a) Sketch the graph of .


(b) Sketch the graph of y = 3f(2x).




Problem 3 of 3


Given the function y = √x + 4 - 1.


(a) Find all intercepts. State the domain and range.


(b) Sketch the graph of y = -√x + 4 - 4.


(c) In words, describe what transformations were applied in what order to the original function to create the graph in (c) above.



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